Laser Dentistry

About Our Dental Laser

Our dental laser in one of our operatories

Some patients' have come into the office and during their visit took a moment to ask questions about a certain piece of equipment in one of the treatment operatories.

The image below is a picture of the equipment that has been drawing attention (click to enlarge).

It certainly is not commonly seen in all dentist's offices. It is a Dental Laser.

Because it sprays water during its operation it can be used on both soft tissues as well as hard. It has been used in my office to remove decay as well as to prepare teeth for their restoration. Often this can be accomplished without anesthesia.

Our office has also incorporated the use of the Dental Laser in the treatment of Periodontal Disease. Some of these were rather advanced in nature and the Dental Laser has a whole protocol for the treatment of advanced periodontally involved teeth. It can also reshape overgrown periodontally involved tissues.

Ailing implants were also treated to help resolve inflammation around implants and bone loss.

It can also be helpful during Root Canal Therapy.

The next time you are in the office please feel free to ask about our Dental Laser and how it might be of help in your care here in our office.

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