Implant Case #4

A young man, now a college freshman, had undergone dental care when he was younger to repair his front teeth. He had sustained blunt trauma to his front teeth following a sports accident; he was hit in the mouth by a hard baseball. The image below is that of the young man at the completion of care after root canal therapy and restoration of his front teeth.

After root canal therapy and restoration of his front teeth

Unfortunately, the left front tooth root cracked, was not restorable and required extraction. Following the extraction of the upper left front tooth, it was apparent that there was a significant bone defect that had to be repaired prior to placement of an implant to replace the extracted tooth.

The bone defect was repaired and after sufficient time an implant was placed. Following sufficient healing time the implant was restored. The image below is of the completed case.

Completed case with the implant in place

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