Implant Case #2

A 20-something year old female patient presented with a developmental anomaly; a tooth with absolutely no canal in which to render root canal therapy. Yet, the tooth was infected. The image below is before treatment commenced.

Prior to treatment

After multiple attempts to treat the tooth with conventional root canal therapy (as well as surgically), it was agreed that the tooth would undergo extraction and an implant fixture would be placed with simultaneous bone grafting. Following the placement of the implant, the patient wore a temporary crown on the implant that was out of occlusion with the opposing teeth during the healing period.

Following sufficient healing, impressions were taken and a screw retained Porcelain Crown was fabricated that was supported by the implant. The adjacent tooth was prepared and restored with a veneer for the purposes of blending the teeth with the remaining dentition fostering harmony in the upper anterior esthetic zone. The image below is the completed case.

Completed case

Can you pick out which is the implant supported crown and which is the tooth with the veneer?

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